Scrum Master® (CSM) Training

Get trained on the fundamentals of scrum master, gain knowledge that will accelerate your expertise as a scrum master.

  • Understand the concept of scrum master.
  • Gain fundamental knowledge of scrum and scrum master
  • Prepare for the professional certification exam & practice the exam
  • Test your knowledge via quizzes & exercises.
  • Course materials, quizzes and inline/end line exams to test knowledge included.

E-Learning Course:

Self study at your own pace! 12 Month Access to study this online course at the comfort of your home. Anytime!! Anywhere!!!.

Scrum Master Training

In a fast pace environment of today, Scrum has gained much relevance in most organisation. Scrum is an agile project management frameworks that enables team works together and collaboratively. Scrum is widely adopted in many countries worldwide, including the UK because of the better and faster result it provides .

Becoming a scrum master will equip you with excellent skills to manage projects effectively. You will gain expert knowledge in scrum thereby ensuring your team lives agile values and principles and follows the processes and practices of scrum.

This course will give you good introduction and understanding of scrum so as to be a scrum master effectively. Upon studying this course, you will be skilled on Scrum Concepts & Principles, Project Management as a Discipline, Software Development Lifecycle Management, Scrum Phases & Processes, how to facilitate meetings in Scrum,Scrum Master  Roles & Responsibilities,  Product Owner Responsibilities, Project Lifecycle, Quality & Risk Management in Scrum, manage and planning scrum projects, user stories, sprint review, retrospect, release, estimation and much more.

Training from LPT guarantees you are training from the best in the industry. You will be well prepared to write the official scrum master exams. Get started today and boost your career.

What's Included

By the end of the Scrum Mater e-learning training you should be able to:

  • Understand key concepts relating to Scrum and its practices.
  • Gain knowledge of scrum master and how to apply it in your team.
  • Understand how Scrum project and meeting is planned and managed.
  • Understand the Scrum principles, lifecycle, phases & procedures.
  • Understand the Scrum ceremonies and the concepts of Scrum.
  • Understand the role of a scrum master and a product owner
  • Apply the Scrum principles in context.

The below is a brief overview of the topics you will learn in this course. For a  more detailed course curriculum, please get in touch to request for it:

Introduction to Scrum & Scrum Certification Exams explained

Overview of scrum & scrum terminologies

Project management overview

SDLC (Software Develeopment Lifecycle)

Agile PM & Traditional Project Managament

Agile Manifesto & Methods

Scrum Concepts & Principles

Iterative Development & timeboxing

Planning & Estimation in scrum

Scrum implementation & ceremonies

Scrum Master roles & responsibilities

Product Owner roles & responsibilities

Scrum Team Roles & Responsibilities

Scrum PM vs Traditional PM

Project Lifecycle

Business Justification Techniques

Quality, Risk & Change Management

Scrum Meetings

JAD Sessions

SWOT Analysis

Gap Analysis

Project Vision

Epics, User Story & Acceptance Criteria

Planning Meeting & Daily Stand-ups

Scrum Artifacts

Scrum board

Sprint backlog

Burndown Chart

Product Backlog

Epics & Personae

Acceptance Criteria

Product backlog estimation

Product Backlog prioritisation

MoSCow Analysis

100 Point Method

Kano Analysis

Definition of Done

Implementing Scrum

Planning & Estimating a Project

Sprint Review and Retrospect

Release & Communication Plan

Projects, Programs, and Portfolios

Scrum of Scrums

Managing Scrum Work streams & Teams

Facilitating Projects in Scrum


Quizzes & Test in each chapter

  • This course would benefit:
    • Anyone that wants to understand Scrum and become a scrum master.
    • Agile Project managers and aspiring project managers
    • Aspiring scrum teams or scrum team members
    • Other key staff involved in the design, development, management and delivery of agile projects, including:
      • Project board members (e.g. senior responsible owners)
      • Team managers (e.g. product delivery managers)
      • Project assurance (e.g. business change analysts)
      • Project support (e.g. project and programme office personnel)
      • Operational line managers/staff
      • Business Analyst
      • Business consultants
      • IT professionals
      • etc

This training included in-course quizzes and end course quizzes and mock exam.

PLEASE NOTE: This course does not include the official exam, this will need to be purchased separately from the official bodies or please get in touch with us to help facilitate the process. 



Scrum Master Salary & Benefits

There are various benefits of taking the Scrum Master Fundamental course among which are being Agile Scrum Master, knowledge about all things scrum, career boost and advancement, professionalism, networking and potential job opportunities, proof of certification and much more.

The salary projection are as follows:

  • Scrum Master – £54,911 +/- per annum
  • Agile Project Manager –  £48,244 per +/- per annum
  • Agile Project Coordinator – £34,177 +/- per annum
  • Business Analyst –  40,781 +/- per annum
  • Product Owner  – £56000 +/- per annum
  • Scrum Master _ £ 50,850 +- per anum
                    • Source : glassdoor

How will I book the professional Scrum Master Exam?

You may book your exam through us after completing your training or anytime you are ready, please give atleast 3 weeks ahead. You may also book via or whichever is preferred.

Will I get a certificate of completion after this course?

Yes, you will get a certificate of completion after you complete this course with the expected pass rate of 75%.

How long will it take for my exam code to be issued?

Your exam code are usually issued via email within 24 hours of purchasing your professional exam licence with the respective professional body or you can contact us to support you through the process.

What other methods of learning do you offer?

We offer this course as a Self-paced Elearning Course, Virtual Online Course and Also as a Blended Learning.

£199.00 £79.99


  • Learn About Scrum Master
  • Mock Exam & Quizzes Included
  • Access your course 24/7
  • COMPATIBILITY Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Laptop, PC, Mobile



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