CompTIA Network+ Training

CompTIA’s Network+ is an international recognised certification that validates technical competency in computer networking administration and support. The Network Plus certification confers a technician’s critical knowledge of media networking, building LANs and WANs, protocols and standards, network implementation, and network support. The training also cover security, safety, environmental issues, communication, virtualisation, professionalism etc.

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E-Learning Course:

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CompTIA Network+ Training

CompTIA Network Plus certification is a globally recognised certification from the world leading technology association that equips learners with the advance skills in configuring, installation, network security, management of wired and wireless network devices etc.

The intensive and robustly developed training course follows the CompTIA fundamental framework and objectives, ensuring you receive the adequate knowledge required to succeed in your career. Learner will get in-depth understanding of:

  • Building highly available and scalable networks
  • Understand Network Protocols, scalable networks and troubleshooting
  • Critical security concepts to helping networking professionals work with security practitioners
  • Networking technologies, configurations, switches and routers
  • TCP/IP, network devices, wide area networks,
  • Key cloud computing best practices and typical service models
  • Coverage of newer hardware and virtualization techniques
  • Concepts of network resilient and security

Studying this course from LPT via eLearning route gives you access to quality training and contents, study materials, instructor led training, quizzes, test, plus the ability to study anywhere anytime, with 247 access to the learning portal for 12 months.

What's Included

During the course of your study, you will be tested via quizzes and mock exams where required. The course is delivered via interactive learning videos and study materials with 12 months access to study 247 anywhere anytime.

This course is a training video developed by industry experts with up to date information and the best learning outcome. It include module exercises, interactive courses plus:

Certificate of completion
247 course Access
365 Days Access
Reviews, Quiz & Mock Exam
24/7 Support
Interactive & Scenario based video learning
Compatibility on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop

CompTIA Network+ Certification Training Outline:

  • Introduction to Networking
  • Definitions
  • Network Overview
  • Understanding Networks features & functions
  • Networking Models & Coverage
  • Network types
  • Network Technologies
  • Network Media
  • Network Card Drivers
  • Understand various Network technologies
  • Configurations
  • Radio Networking & Frequencies
  • Various types of transmission & signals
  • Types of Media Access
  • Media Converters
  • Multiplexing
  • Network Topologies
  • Repeaters
  • Wireless Access Points
  • Configuring Wireless Clients
  • SOHO Network
  • Network Cabling & Cable Types
  • Installing & Testing Cables
  • Fibre Optic Cable & Connectors
  • LAN Topologies
  • Network Components classification
  • Unbounded Network Media
  • Wired/Wireless Connections
  • Wireless Configuration
  • Channels
  • Peer-to-peer
  • Wi-Fi set up
  • Troubleshooting
  • Repeaters and Hubs
  • Troubleshooting Tools
  • Network Addresses
  • Subnets
  • Bridges
  • Routers
  • Understanding Topology types
  • practice Topology
  • Ethernet & Data Transmission
  • Transceivers
  • LAN cables & Installation
  • Network Connectivity Devices
  • Routing Table
  • Types of Routers & features
  • Installing Routers and Switches
  • Various router types
  • Routing Loops
  • Building a BUS Network
  • Testing Network Communications
  • Bridge Routing & Switched Network management
  • Network Devices
  • Configuration & Monitoring Interface
  • Spanning Tree & Packet Tracing
  • ISP & UTP
  • Protocols
  • Protocol Configuration & troubleshooting
  • IEEE Networking Standards
  • TCP/IP Networks
  • TCP/IP Services
  • IP Settings & CONFIG
  • Configuration Utilities
  • DNS Servers & records
  • WAN Infrastructure
  • Cable, Satellite & Wireless
  • VoIP Protocols & Software
  • Remote Networking & Access
  • Virtual Private Networks
  • VPN Protocols & components
  • VPN Configuration
  • Cloud Computing
  • Working in the Cloud
  • Implementing cloud computing
  • Cloud Deployment
  • Virtualisation
  • Virtual Devices and Networks
  • Virtual Machine Hosts
  • Various server virtualisation
  • Virtualisation risk & issues
  • Virtual switches, PBX, NICs
  • Troubleshooting Network Issues
  • Network planning & implementation
  • Network Security
  • Wireless Security
  • Authentication & encryption
  • Cryptography & Biometrics
  • Firewalls & Passwords management
  • Security settings against Malware & attacks
  • Create an Action Plan & mitigating risk
  • Security Breaches prevention
  • Security Controls & Policies
  • Securing Unencrypted Channels
  • Firewall Administration
  • DoS Attacks
  • Managing incidence response
  • Human Resources Policies
  • Service-level Agreement
  • Troubleshooting & Network Monitoring
  • Managing Issues & Risk
  • Effective planning & Change Management
  • Business Continuity management
  • Documentation
  • Training review & conclusion

Note: This training does not include the official CompTIA Network exam.

The training prepares you to sit for the official certification exam with confidence.

CompTIA Network + Exam Includes:

  • CompTIA Network+ N10-007
  • 90 Multiple choice questions
  • 1 hour 30 minutes (90 minutes)
  • Performance-based and drag and drop questions
  • 720 (on a scale of 100-900)
  • Pearson VUE

To book the exam in the country you reside or jurisdiction that suits you, please follow this link .

We can also book the exam for you if the option is selected at checkout.

Please get in touch if you require for further enquiries.


What other methods of learning do you offer?

We offer this course as a Self-paced Elearning Course, Virtual Online Class, Blended Learning, Group Booking or In-house training. Contact us or search our website for other delivery type for this course title.

Will i get a certificate after completing this course?

Learner will be awarded a CompTIA Network+ certificate upon course completion.

What is eLearning training?

eLearning training is a self paced learn-on-your-own flexible type of training. It includes a pre-recorded interactive scenario-based training video by selected industry experts, with all you need to learn smart and remotely from anywhere – at your own time, just like you are in a classroom!.

eLearning courses are available as on demand video training and provides you with the option to watch the videos as many times as you need, to ensure that you fully understand the concepts before moving on. The flexibility of the on-demand eLearning training allows you to learn at the times you’re available either on your PC, Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.

eLearning training includes all you require to study smart such as the training videos, quizzes, exercises, study guides, note taking & bookmarking, official syllabus and mock exams where applicable.

You will also have access to Tutor support for free during the course of your training. Our team is made up of qualified industry experts who have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Elearning Features:

Interactive & Scenario based learning
Immediate training Access for specified days
Pre-recorded video trainings by leading industry experts
Certificates on completion of training
Training Materials & study materials
Practise & Hands on practice where required
Exercise files & Demos where specified
Bookmarking & Note taking facilities
Personal performance checks
Access to Tutor Support 24/7
Suit learners with busy Lifestyle & Independent Learners
Compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop
Learn at your own time from anywhere in the world
Flexible Independent self-paced learning

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  • Interactive & Scenario based learning
  • Rich Video training
  • Flexible Independent self-paced learning
  • Leading industry experts tutors
  • Certificates Included!
  • Training Materials & study materials
  • Demo & Hands-on Practise where applicable
  • Bookmarking, Note taking!
  • 24/7 Tutor Support
  • Suits busy Lifestyle
  • Independent Learning
    COMPATIBILITY: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Laptop, PC, Mobile
  • COMPATIBILITY: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Laptop, PC, Mobile


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