CCNA -Cisco Certified Network Associate (Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions)


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CCNA- Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions Training

The Cisco CCNA training  gives you a  broad range of fundamental knowledge in implementing, administering and configuring network components such as switches, routers, and wireless LAN controllers.

During this robustly developed and intensive training course, learners will gain skills on how the concept of Routing and Switching, install & configuration of IPv4 and IPv6,  Ethernet LAN Implementation, Managing Ethernet Switches, configuring simple WAN links and configuring IP-related services, device architectures, Understand Spanning Tree Protocol, virtualization, Configuring WLAN Security and more.

This in-depth training included Real Live Lab to gain further hands-on and real live practise.

At the end of this course, learner should be well equipped to take the 200-301 CCNA Exam with confidence.

Studying this course from LPT via eLearning route will enable you gain access to quality and up to date training contents, study materials, instructor led training, quizzes, test, plus the ability to study anywhere anytime.

What's Included

During the course of your study, you will be tested via quizzes and mock exams where required. The course is delivered via interactive learning videos and study materials with 180 Days access to study 247 anywhere anytime.

This course is a training video developed by industry experts with up to date information and the best learning outcome. It include module exercises, interactive courses plus:

Certificate of completion
247 course Access
180 Days Access
Reviews, Quiz & Mock Exam
24/7 Support
Interactive & Scenario based video learning
Compatibility on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop

Learning Outcome includes:

  • In-depth and robust understanding of Cisco Networks Configuration 
  • Managing networking projects & user support
  • Network fundamentals& Network access 
  • Network technologies to support IT infrastructure.
  • IP connectivity & IP services
  • Implementing LAN/WAN networks
  • Troubleshooting, overlaps & fault finding techniques
  • Security & Authentication fundamentals
  • Responding & resolving major IT incidents/issues.
  • Automation and programmability
  • Cisco Enterprise switching and routing network infrastructure
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA 200-301) exam prep

CCNA Implementing and Administering Cisco Solutions Training Outline :

  • Introduction
  • Overview of networking
  • Evaluating networking component & models
  • Understanding Network types, Ports and Connectors
  • Access points & End-points
  • Internet protocol suite -TCP/IP
  • Comparing Network Models
  • Routers & switches
  • L2 and L3 switches
  • OSI/RM & TCP/IP Layers
  • Routing Tables
  • Multiplexing
  • Network topology architectures
  • Various Cable Types & Components
  • LAN Cable Setup
  • Types of cable issues
  • Network Set up for Small office/home office
  • Business Units & Enterprise Networking
  • Ethernet LAN Connection
  • Ports and Connectors
  • Hubs & Switches
  • Connection & Wiring Standards
  • IP addressing and routing
  • IPV4/IPV6
  • Designing an IPv4 Addressing
  • IPv4 Addressing & Routing
  • Private IPv4 addressing
  • Wide Area Networks (WAN)
  • Switch Interfaces Configuration
  • SSH & Authentication
  • Remote access using SSH
  • Firewalls & Port Security
  • MAC learning and Addresses
  • MAC Address Tables
  • Practise- Binary to Decimal Conversion
  • TCP/IP Transport and Applications
  • Establishing or Terminating A Connection
  • Command Line establishment
  • Configuration & implementation of Ethernet LAN
  • Configuring wireless LAN access for client connectivity
  • Examining Configuration Files
  • Ethernet LAN Switching
  • Frame switching & Flooding
  • Configuring Login Security
  • Configuring IP Addresses & VLAN Interfaces
  • Configuring Usernames and Passwords
  • Configuring Layer 2/Layer 3
  • Configuring Port Security
  • Configuring Ethernet VLANs
  • Ethernet LANs
  • Ethernet with Hubs & Bridges
  • Topologies
  • Cisco Discovery Protocol and LLDP
  • Configuring VLAN Interfaces
  • Native VLAN
  • Multiple VLANs/VLAN Trunking
  • VLAN Benefits & Features
  • VLAN Communications
  • Multiple Frame Transmission
  • Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)
  • STP Protocols & Features
  • STP Implementation
  • Migrating to RSTP
  • Three Tier Topology
  • Interswitch connectivity
  • Trunk/ Root Ports
  • Primary/secondary Bridge
  • Port Types & Backup Ports
  • Migrating to RSTP
  •  Configuring EtherChannels
  • Port states Forwarding & Backwarding
  • Cisco Wireless Architectures
  • Wireless Access Points & Controllers
  • Subnet Masking
  • IPv4 Subnetting Process
  • CIDR or Prefix Masks
  • Classful IPv4 Networks & Network IDs
  • Cisco Routers Installation
  • Interfaces Display Interfaces
  • IP Addresses Interface Configuration
  • Configuring DHCP Cisco Router
  • Configuring DHCP client and relay
  • Configuring IPv4 Addresses & Static Routes
  • Configuring IPv4 Hosts
  • Troubleshooting IPv4
  • Finding overlaps via VSLM
  • Configuring 802.1Q
  • Layer 3 Switch Configuration
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • RIPv2 Configuration
  • Troubleshooting with PING
  • IPv4 as a Service
  • Operating core network & services with IPv4 and IPv6 
  • Configure IPv4-based Access Control List
  • Types of ACL
  • Standard & extended Access Control List
  • Practise- Creating Extended ACLs
  • Network Address Translation
  • IPV4 Routing & Redistribution
  • Troubleshooting & IP Filtering
  • Open Shortest Path First (OSPF)
  • Practise-Single Area Configuration in OSPF
  • Practise-Single Area Configuration in OSPF
  • Common routing policy & processes
  • Communication & Exchange Process
  • Intra-AS routing
  • Autonomous System (AS)
  • Modelling the Routing of an Autonomous System
  • Single Area & Multi Area Configuration
  • Displaying & Verifying OSPF Configuration
  • Understanding OSPFv2
  • IPv4 and IPv6 static routing
  • Default, Network, Host Route & Floating static
  • IPv6 Packet & Routing
  • IPv6 Addressing and Subnetting
  • IPv6 Implementation
  • Configuring Host & Interface IDs
  • Solicited-Node
  • Various type of Addresses
  • Abbreviation of IPv6 Addresses
  • Stateless Configuration
  • Troubleshooting
  • Cisco Wireless Architectures
  • Implementing LAN/WAN networks
  • Practise – Wireless Configuration
  • Wireless Bands & Channels
  • Advanced WLAN settings
  • Wired & Wireless Network
  • Securing Wireless Networks
  • Telnet, SSH, HTTP, HTTPS
  • Security password policies elements
  • Wi-Fi Protected Access
  • Wireless security protocols (WPA, WPA2, and WPA3)
  • Configuring WLAN Security & Authentication
  • Authentication, Authorization & Accounting concepts
  • Multifactor authentication, certificates, and biometrics
  • Risk, threats & vulnerabilities, identification & mitigation
  • Managing networking projects & user support
  • Modules Review & conclusion

Please Note: This training course does not include the Cisco CCNA 200-301 exam voucher. 


The 200-301 CCNA exam certifies your knowledge and skills related to network fundamentals, network access, IP connectivity, IP services, security fundamentals, and automation and programmability.

 200-301 CCNA Exam Includes:

  • Certification: CCNA
  • Exam code: 200-301 CCNA
  • 90 Multiple choice questions
  • 120 minutes
  • English or Japanese Language
  • Pearson VUE


Will i get a certificate after completing this course?

Learner will receive a Cisco Certified Network Associate certificate of achievement upon course completion;

To obtain the qualifying certification from the awarding body, you will be required to sit and pass the qualifying exam (200-301 CCNA) from Cisco which you have the option to book through us or via the cisco awarding body.

What is eLearning?

eLearning training is a self paced learn-on-your-own flexible type of training. It includes a pre-recorded interactive scenario-based training video by selected industry experts, with all you need to learn smart and remotely from anywhere – at your own time, just like you are in a classroom!.

eLearning courses are available as on demand video training and provides you with the option to watch the videos as many times as you need, to ensure that you fully understand the concepts before moving on. The flexibility of the on-demand eLearning training allows you to learn at the times you’re available either on your PC, Mobile, Tablet and Desktop.

eLearning training includes all you require to study smart such as the training videos, quizzes, exercises, study guides, note taking & bookmarking, official syllabus and mock exams where applicable.

You will also have access to Tutor support for free during the course of your training. Our team is made up of qualified industry experts who have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Elearning Features:

Interactive & Scenario based learning
Immediate training Access for specified days
Pre-recorded video trainings by leading industry experts
Certificates on completion of training
Training Materials & study materials
Practise & Hands on practice where required
Exercise files & Demos where specified
Bookmarking & Note taking facilities
Personal performance checks
Access to Tutor Support 24/7
Suit learners with busy Lifestyle & Independent Learners
Compatible on mobile, tablet and desktop
Learn at your own time from anywhere in the world
Flexible Independent self-paced learning

What other methods of learning do you offer?

We offer this course as a Self-paced Elearning Course, Virtual Online Class, Blended Learning, Group Booking or In-house training. Contact us or search our website for other delivery type for this course title.

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  • Interactive & Scenario based learning
  • Rich Video training
  • Flexible Independent self-paced learning
  • Leading industry experts tutors
  • Certificates Included!
  • Training Materials & study materials
  • Demo & Hands-on Practise where applicable
  • Bookmarking, Note taking!
  • 24/7 Tutor Support
  • Suits busy Lifestyle
  • Independent Learning
    COMPATIBILITY: Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Laptop, PC, Mobile


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