Book Keeping & Payroll

Gain career boosting training on how to:

  • Understand the principles of book keeping & payroll
  • The fundamentals of payroll & accounting
  • Managing trading account and bank reconciliation accounting
  • Create and manage Ledger and journal accounting
  • Bank reconciliation and error Correction accounting
  • Sales and cash book keeping & accounting
  • Much more….

E-Learning Course:

Study at your own pace! 12 Month Access to learn this course at the comfort of your home. Anytime!! Anywhere!!!.

Book Keeping & Payroll

Fast track your expertise in book keeping and payroll accounting, learn how to manage small or large company books.

This course will give you an extensive knowledge of managing your own books, be skilled at managing large corporation books, reconcile account, manage budget, close book, manage payroll, account receivable, profit & loss, sales tax , maximise cash flows and much more

This training will also enhance the learners ability to understand how partnership and corporation book keeping works. You will learn how to manage a profit & loss account, accounts receivables, close books and much more.

You will learn from industry experts with up to date information and the best learning outcome.

During the course of your study, you will be tested via quizzes and mock exams. The course is delivered via interactive learning videos and study materials with 12 months access to study 247 anywhere anytime. Start learning today!

This course is well developed in simple terms and are professionally developed with comprehensive study guides with numerous examples and concepts making it easy to understand even the complex topics.

Learning this course from LPT will give you the ability to prepare for your certification exams adequately.  There are quizzes, text and course exams at the end of the training to test you on what you have learnt. Studying via elearning will enable you study anywhere anytime as you have 247 access to the learning portal for 12 months.

Upon completing your training, you should be prepared enough to take the professional certification exam. You will need to purchase and book the certification exam separately.

What's Included

By the end of this e-learning course you should be able to:

  • Understand key concepts of book keeping & payroll accounting.
  • Understand how to manage a business and individual account.
  • Be able to manage subsidiary ledgers & journals.
  • Manage bank reconciliations & verification of Account Balances.
  • Apply professional accounting practices in reconciling and correcting wrong accounts.
  • Understand budgeting and a bookkeepers role in budgeting
  • Learn merchandising income and revenue accounting, petty cash accounting, cash flow and year end accounting.
  • Be able to professionally manage books, payroll and accounts plus much more.
  • Introduction to book keeping & accounting principles.
  • Concept of control & auditing
  • Managing ledgers & journals
  • Accounts Receivable Reconciliation
  • Reversing wrong entries
  • Sales Tax Accounting Rules and Filing
  • Budgeting
  • Trading Income & revenue account
  • Cash Accounting & Bank Account Reconciliation
  • Payroll & Paycheck Account Management
  • Partnerships and Corporations Accounting
  • Accounts Receivable and Bad Debts
  • Profit or Loss Statement
  • Preparing End Of Year Account
  • End of year Books Closings
  • The Extreme Programming Workflow
  • Extreme Programming Core practices
  • Cash Flow, Revenue and Receivables
  • Course Summary & Conclusion.
  • Anyone can take this course but a previous exposure to basic accounting will be beneficial. This course would benefit:
    • Payroll Administrator
    • Payroll Clerk
    • Business Account managers
    • Bookkeeper
    • Office Administrator
    • Accounts Payable Clerk
    • Accounts Receivable Clerk etc
  • Upon completing this course, you will be accessed via learning quizzes and question with an expected 70% pass rate.You will receive an instant grading and know whether you have passed the course after you take the online multiple choice test. You can attempt the mock test as many times as you want.


What are the salary expectations and benefits?

Anyone can get on this training but a previous knowledge of basic accounting will be beneficial. You will benefit professional training, career advancement, networking and potential job opportunities, cv booster and much more.

The salary projection are as follows:

  • Payroll Admin Officer – £22,000 + p/a
  • Accounts Officer – £23,050+ p/a
  • Office Administrator – £19,454  +/- p/a
  • Accounting Clerk – £18,475 +/-  p/a
  • Bookkeeper – £20,500 +/- p/a
  • Account Assistant – £20,500 +/- p/a
  • Office Manager – £26,000 +/- p/a
  • Accounts Payable/Receivable Officer– £20,500 +/- p/a
  • Payroll Clerk – £19,508  +/- p/a

These are salary expectations and speculation. Years of experience, location and other factors may affect salary scale.

What other methods of learning do you offer?

We offer this course as a Self-paced Elearning Course. If you prefer a Blended Learning, Group Booking or In-house training please contact us or search our website for other delivery method for this course.

Self-paced Elearning Course Type


  • 365 days, 247 Access!
  • Smart Interactive Videos & Study Materials
  • Quizzes & Test Included!
  • COMPATIBILITY Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Laptop, PC, Mobile


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Book Keeping & Payroll
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