Basic Perl Programming

  • Understand the fundamentals of perl Programming
  • Learn the fundamentals of perl and how to handle database with perl
  • Gain knowledge of one of the most popular languages for CGI programming on the Web.
perl programming

E-Learning Course:

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Basic Perl Programming Training

This training is focused on the fundamentals of perl programming. Perl programming is one of the most popular languages for CGI programming on the Web.

Learner will learn basics of perl programming, terminologies and concepts, Index and Rindex Functions, data structures, looping, Command Line and much more

Get started today and explore fundamental skills that will propel your career in programming.

Studying this course from LPT via elearning route means you get world class quality training, professional delivery with up to date contents, well scripted study materials, expert industry leading trainers, instructor led training, quizzes, test, plus the ability to study anywhere anytime, with 247 access to the learning portal for 12 months.

What's Included

During the course of your study, you will be tested via quizzes and mock exams where required. The course is delivered via interactive learning videos and study materials with 12 months access to study 247 anywhere anytime.

This course is a training video developed by industry experts with up to date information and the best learning outcome. It include module exercises, interactive courses plus:

Certificate of completion
247 course Access
365 Days Access
Reviews, Quiz & Mock Exam
24/7 Support
Interactive & Scenario based video learning
Compatibility on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop

Basic Pearl Programming Course Outline:

  • Introduction & Course overview
  • Understanding the basics of pearl programming
  • How to install and use pearl
  • Perl Data Types and Variables
  • Perl’s Building Blocks
  • Literals in Perl
  • Variables in Perl
  • String Functions
  • Perl command-line arguments
  • Perl – File I/O
  • File and Directories
  • File handles & Reading Files
  • Multiple Files and Directory Manipulation
  • Perl hash basics: create, update, loop, delete and sort
  • Perl Scalar Values & Operators
  • Program Execution
  • Decision making & specification in perl
  • Conditional statements, using if, else, elsif in Perl
  • Conditional Operators
  • Looping, List & Arrays
  • Loop structures
  • The For Loop, The While Loop, for each Loop
  • Iterating Loops
  • Operators
  • Index and Rindex Functions
  • The Printf Function
  • if statement, if-else, elsif,
  • How to create an infinite loop in Perl
  • Functions (Subroutines)
  • Subroutines & Arguments
  • Subroutine and regular expression
  • Arrays and Hashes as Arguments
  • Perl regular expression functions
  • Perl Regex
  • Metacharacters for regular expressions in Perl
  • Debugging
  • Regular Expressions and String Manipulation
  • Review & Conclusion


During this training, learner be assessed by taking quizzes and online multiple choice questions with automatic grading.


Will i get a certificate after completing this course?

Learner will be awarded with a CPD accredited certificate in Perl Programming Fundamentals upon course completion.

What is instructor led training?

All of our trainers have years of experience in their field and are experts in delivering online instructor led training.

Which means they get to train you via a professional scripted and user friendly online LMS platform in a pre-recorded video format. You will learn at your own pace and access the course anytime, anywhere.

You will also be able bookmark, take test and quizzes, ask or submit your questions just like you are in a live class session.

What is eLearning training?

eLearning courses are available as on demand video training and provides you with the option to watch the videos as many times as you need, to ensure that you fully understand the concepts before moving on.

The flexibility of the on-demand learning allows you to learn at the times you’re available.

Our eLearning training includes all you require to study smart such as the training videos, quizzes, exercises, study guides and official syllabus and sample exams where applicable.

You will also have access to Tutor support for free during the course of your training. Our team is made up of qualified industry experts who have a wealth of knowledge and experience.

What other methods of learning do you offer?

We offer this course as a Self-paced Elearning Course, Virtual Online Class, Blended Learning, Group Booking or In-house training. Contact us or search our website for other delivery type for this course title.

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Perl Programming Fundamentals

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